5-Point Checklist to Hire an Immigration Attorney

By Wilner & O’Reilly, APLC.

It is evident that when you choose an immigration attorney in California, the task is not easy. To select a skilled professional and to change your residential status in the United States, you have to go through a lot of paperwork which is very difficult to deal with on your own. In this case, only a right lawyer can make your case strong and make sure that the case is managed conveniently and on time. Even though the immigration law has changed over a period of time, it is still complicated.

Top California immigration law firm, Wilner & O’Reilly explain important facts you need to consider when you hire an immigration attorney.

Check Licensing

Always make sure that the Sacramento immigration attorney you are hiring is licensed to offer the services and has the right qualifications. You can check the authenticity of the lawyer by seeking the information from the law office or by contacting the local bar association. You will get know whether your lawyer has been subject to any disciplinary proceedings or not. Wilner & O’Reilly are well known in Sacramento, California for their expertise and experience.

Consult Others

Take advice from your reliable friends and relatives if they know any immigration attorney California. If you went to the local lawyers association, it will hardly suggest any particular lawyer. So make sure before hiring any immigration attorney California that you have enough recommendations. In this way, you will get client reviews about the lawyer. Many people recommend Wilner & O’Reilly as the best immigration law firm in California.

Well Qualified and Right Lawyer

Check how experienced your immigration lawyer is. Wilner & O’Reilly, the best Sacramento immigration lawyers are well known for their experience, knowledge, skills and results in immigration law cases.

Ask for the Services

It will prove beneficial for you if the attorney you hired also offers additional services. You will be able to save a lot of time and effort if you get your all legal work done from the same expert. Leading immigration lawyers in Sacramento, Wilner & O’Reilly, provide help in visa, green card, asylum, deportation, non-immigrant and immigrant visas and other cases.

Search online

If you are still not sure and unable to find the right immigration attorney California, you may search online and choose the most convenient way to find California immigration law firm or numerous lawyers. Client testimonials give you a glimpse of how your lawyers work and their success rate.

So, take your case in the right direction by hiring the right professional for your immigration process. Only by choosing the best you may get the best result.

11 thoughts on “5-Point Checklist to Hire an Immigration Attorney

  1. Jen Pack

    I have a friend who recently moved here, and I told her I would try and help her find an immigration attorney. I like how you point out that it is important to look for people who are well qualified by checking their experience, knowledge, skills and former results in immigration law cases. I imagine that it would also be helpful to talk to others that have worked with those particular attorneys to make sure that they have been happy with the services.

  2. John

    I think the tip about consulting with others could prove to be very helpful when selecting an immigration attorney. I think I would be more apt to work with someone that a friend or relative vouched for. My brother-in-law has been offered a job outside the country, so he’s been considering having an immigration lawyer handle all the paperwork associated with acquiring the right permits and visas for his work. In addition to saving time, asking around could help him find a reliable attorney to help his case.

  3. Luke Smith

    Thanks for the tip to check how experienced your lawyer is before hiring them. I would imagine that having dealt with similar cases in the past would be the best way to ensure a positive outcome for current clients . It could be useful to look into how long they have been operating in an area as well to make sure they have a good presence in the court system there.

  4. Kylie Dotts

    I like your advice to talk to reliable friends and relatives if they know any immigration attorneys. Your family and friends are some of the most trustworthy people you know so if they are recommending someone it might be a good idea to do some research and learn more about them. If your lawyer who doesn’t have much experience in this field you could ask them if they know someone you might be able to hire for your situation.

  5. Ashley Turns

    My cousin’s friend is trying to make a case to stay in the country and is looking to hire an immigration lawyer to help him. So I like your advice to have them see what kind of extra services the attorney offers. Since my cousin’s friend only speaks Spanish, I’m sure that they’ll want to find a Spanish speaking immigration lawyer.

  6. Callum Palmer

    It really does help to check and see if the attorney you’ve chosen offers additional services that they can help you with. This is especially important if it is an immigration attorney you’ve hired since the immigration process has a lot of twists and turns. For example, if you need help with your immigration petition then they can make sure you get everything you need.

  7. Amanda Drew

    I think that you make a good point that you should make sure that the lawyer you’re getting has the right qualifications and licenses to handle your case. It’d probably also be a good idea to find an attorney who you can have a good relationship with because you’ll be interacting with them a lot. Your article would really help anyone looking to find an immigration law practice to help them.

  8. Callum Palmer

    I have to agree with the article when it points out that hiring an immigration attorney that offers additional services can be helpful. After all, if you are planning to immigrate then there will be a lot of legal work that needs to be done. Since this will likely be the case, it helps to have a lawyer with a lot of experience in carrying out several different legal services.

  9. Lisa Nelson

    I agree that you want to check an immigration lawyer’s license. Making sure that they are licensed would help ensure that they are qualified as well. My husband and I are looking for an immigration lawyer, so we’ll have to check their license first.

  10. Camille Devaux

    Experience is very important to my friend who is interested in working with an immigration lawyer. He likes that there is licensing that he can check to make sure that those qualifications are met. As he continues to look into getting a lawyer, I think he would like being able to check the qualifications.

  11. Katie Wilson

    Thanks for the tip about finding out much experience an immigration lawyer has. It would be smart to find someone who has worked in the field for a long time in order to know they will do good work. With the recent repeal of DACA, my sister and her husband are looking for an immigration lawyer, so they’ll have to check their experience first before they choose someone.

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