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Use the General Intake Form to provide some essential information about your situation to better assist you with your immigration requirements and procedures.

Please ensure you have digital scan copies of your Passport and/or Visa.

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Marital Status / Family:

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Other Information:

Have you ever applied for permanent residency, asylum, amnesty, TPS, cancellation, suspension, Family Unity or any other immigration benefit? When and how:
Have you ever had trouble with the police or been arrested in the US? If so when and for what?
Have you ever been a victim of a crime in the US? If so, what happened?
Have you ever had any contact with the Immigration Services or Border Patrol? If so, when and what happened?
Have you ever gone before an immigration judge? If so, when and what happened?
Have you ever been ordered deported, excluded, or been given voluntary departure? If so, did you leave and in a timely manner?
Do you have any reason to fear going back to your country? Who do you fear and why?