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Mandatory: pay bonds online

Foreign nationals detained by ICE may be released upon payment of a cash bond. The bond may be paid at ICE with a cashier’s check. It was a simple matter of walking into an ICE office to pay. That was before. Effective June 1, 2023, ICE no longer accepts walk-in payments for bonds. The new way is to navigate to and pay online. It’s called CeBonds Who can post the cash bond on behalf of foreign nationals in detention? These folks: US citizens, LPRs, Law firms, Nonprofit Organizations. There are preliminaries: gather your US passport and know your SSN to post the bond as an individual; for law firms or organizations, show the IRS letter verifying the EIN. Payments may be made via ACH or Federal Wire, but the bank routing number has not been working well. Just be aware that the system is learning to be smooth and needs your patience and understanding. Soon it will be easy-peasy; like self-checking at stores!!!

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