Congressman Philip Burton (1964 – 1983) congratulates Jon Wu

Jon Wu with the SF Immigration District Director and the National Director of Refugee and Asylum, circa 1988

All smiles from victory after 20 years of litigation

On September 20, 2023, Jon Wu celebrated 50 years of actively practicing law! Here are his thoughts on the occasion.

“Celebrating my 50th Year of Actively Practicing Law must include kudos to all the folks that shaped me. In the interest of space, let me just name one for each of my 50 years of law practice. I am so grateful for all their influence. The list must include my parents, my children, my ex-wife Anne, ex-wife Spring and my present wife Sunshine. As my brother said, after Spring comes Sunshine!

“This incident comes to mind: a potential client called saying she was thinking of marrying and petitioning to immigrate her lover. I un-artfully said, ‘Marriages are great; I’ve done it three times myself!’ Of course, she hung up on me. But the point I want to make is that I learned we must have a sense of humor and that laughs are all-important! It’s just that they cannot be asinine! My first job was for an ex-member of congress who had all my awe and impressed on me the importance of humor and laughter. As he went to trial representing a notorious client, he said, ‘The Client showed up in his zoot suit, for Christ’s Sakes.’ Naturally they won the trial. The Congressman always said when confounded, ‘Shoot the arrow in the air and see what happens!’

“Here goes – my unforgettable 50 years of Actively Practicing Law:

1. Anne Theiss
2. Arleen Podell Barr
3. Bill Kwong
4. Bill Ong Hing
5. Bruce Pollock
6. Katherine M Hornbach
7. Cecilia CC Wu
8. Charles O Porter
9. Charlynn Teter
10. Chris Porter
11. Dan Solomon
12. David Ilchert
13. David Moule
14. Frank Tse
15. Gary Palmatier
16. James CN Wu
17. James YM Wu
18. John M Burgess
19. Judge Barnard J Hornbach
20. Judge Beverly Phillips
21. Judge Gordon Cottrell
22. Judge Dana Marks
23. Judge Douglas Spencer
24. Judge Edward Allen
25. Judge Julie Tang
26. Judge Lilian Sing
27. Judge Polly Weber
28. Judge Sandy Ho
29. Julian EN Wu
30. Kathy Ma
31. Katy Woo
32. Kirsten Slinger
33. Leslie Ungerman
34. Lida Wen
35. Maria Moule
36. Mary Young
37. Morgan Sheng
38. Penny Palmatier
39. Philip Brandt
40. Polly Suen
41. Richard Drew
42. Robert Barr
43. Sally Nunn
44. Sam Porter
45. SB Woo
46. Spring Liu
47. Stella CC Wu
48. Sunshine She
49. Thomas CT Wu
50. Victor Wu

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